Why a blog?

Does the world really need another blogger? Don’t we have enough people with opinions expressing themselves all over the media saturated world we live in already? In a word yes, and I won’t be offended if I don’t have a large following of people hanging on my every word.

This blog is for me, to pass along my thoughts on how to make training and racing for triathlons fun, easier than you think, certainly less complicated (practical?), and to help anyone that’s interested to become the best triathlete they can be.

Over the years I’ve gone from spreading the word about triathlon to anyone that was along on a group ride or run, at breakfast at the East Beach Grill (over their great 3-2-1 wheat germ pancake special!), to people on an email list entitled Food for Thought, as the president of the Santa Barbara Triathlon Club providing information and inspiration to the growing crowd of triathletes in the Santa Barbara area, as a USAT certified Coach, via posts in Facebook on my homepage and the SB Tri Club homepage, and on the SB Tri Club webpage under the Coach’s Corner banner.

Each of these methods offers pluses and minuses on who gets the message, on who knows who I am and can therefore understand where I’m coming from. With this blog I hope to reach out to the same people, at their leisure, and with any luck a few new people who are willing to spend the time to work on their own training and racing programs, from a practical point of view.

So yeah, another blog, another person with an opinion to offer without us asking them for it; I’m just joining the crowd!

Did you learn something from reading this?

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