Why We Race

We meet some of the most fascinating people at the races.

Equipment and physical problems are at their purest in racing.

Racing pries us loose from our desks, teaches honesty through humility, and its fun.

We like all those things – people, problems, honesty, and fun.

 Oh yeah, you can eat like a pig the week after.

I paraphrased this from an article I read in a motorcycle magazine 15+ years ago, and have it up on the wall in my office at work. Its one side of why we race, here’s another quote up on my wall.

In my failures I saw the darkest part of myself, where I was weak, where expectations did not meet reality. Until you face your fears, you don’t move to the other side where you find the power.

Mark Allen, 6 time Hawaii Ironman Triathlon winner.

If you race to have fun, enjoy the changes in your physicality, and enjoy racing, then maybe you like the first quote more than the second. If you race to win, if you push yourself to be better than you imagine, then what Mark Allen said could be your motto.

Either way, at some point we all toe the line at water’s edge, if you race for glory or race to find another side of yourself, have fun doing it.

Did you learn something from reading this?

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